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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Want the best vegan food in Austin, Texas? Here's a list of where to eat.

Alisha McDarris

Listing the best vegan food in Austin, Texas is like listing the best ice cream flavors: They simply can't be ranked because they're all awesome and everyone has their own personal favorite. Besides, there are so many within the city of Austin (and more popping up all the time) that an exhaustive list would be impossible! But put on your comfiest fat pants and dive in, because Austin has some of the best vegan cuisine in the country. Here is a list of the top veg and veg-friendly spots to pig out, in no particular order.


This food truck has possibly the best veggie burger you'll ever eat. Local vegans widely agree on this point. And with options like a bacon burger, bbq burger and mac n cheese burger (not to mention awesome tots), you're bound to leave full and happy. (900 Red River, 1308 E 4th St., 2908 Fruth)

Bistro Vonish

We love this food truck any day of the week for their elevated vegan cuisine (pizza with fermented almond cheese, kolaches, creative soup...) but the fact that they serve Sunday Brunch really gets us salivating. Come for the strawberry glazed french toast, stay for the tofu scramble. (701 E 53rd St.)

Biscuits and Groovy

Speaking of brunch, I could eat a heaping pile of biscuits and gravy any day of the week. Fortunately, this food truck serves up vegan and non-vegan versions of all their menu items. I like gravy, sausage crumbles, bacon, cheese, potatoes, tofu scramble and jalapenos on mine. (5015 Duval St.)

The Vegan Nom

Texas knows tacos. And Vegan Nom knows vegan tacos. So. Well. Because sometimes you want more than beans and avocado on a corn tortilla. I can't get enough of the Del Rey, but that queso is pretty tasty, too. (2324 E Ceasar Chavez, 701 E 53rd St.)

Kerbey Lane

A popular local fave with just about everyone, this brick and mortar restaurant with multiple locations has killer vegan breakfast items (in addition to other things) on their mostly conventional menu. The pancake flavor available each day varies and the vegan sausage and queso are delish. (Multiple locations)

Capital City Bakery

Because eating vegan doesn't always mean eating healthy, there's Capital City Bakery, an all-vegan bakery with cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies, pie, cinnamon rolls, you name it. It's all I can do not to clean out the shop every time I go in. (2211 E Ceasar Chavez)

The Beer Plant

Another proper restaurant (as opposed to food truck), this one's a bit more upscale (i.e. pricey), but really tasty. Plus, I love any restaurant that has buffalo cauliflower and BBQ sandwiches. They also have an extensive beer menu with 40 on draft and everything is vegan. (3110 Windsor Rd.)

"Listing the best vegan food in Austin, Texas is like listing the best ice cream flavors: They simply can't be ranked because they're all awesome and everyone has their own personal favorite."

BBQ Revolution

And speaking of BBQ, these guys know how to do Texas BBQ vegan style. The food truck offers soy curls, tempeh, seitan, even mac n cheeze and potato salad! All vegan, of course. (2421 Webberville Rd.)

Li'l Nonnas

Pizza lovers rejoice! Vegan and vegetarian pizza are all that are on the menu at this food truck. And there's no Daiya here, just multiple options of house-made vegan cheese and vegan twists on classic toppings like pepperoni, bacon and sausage. Yum. (1505 Town Creek Dr.)

Conscious Cravings

It's all vegan, though it says "vegetarian" on the trailer. Maybe to keep omnivores from being scared away? But vegan, vegetarian or omni, this food truck (there are actually two), has some tasty wraps and salads including BBQ seitan, pan seared tofu, and spicy chickpea. (1311 S 1st St., 4109 Airport Blvd.)

Counter Culture

What started as a food trailer became one of Austin’s most popular brick and mortar lunch, dinner and brunch spots. You can feast on their classic lentil loaf or go for a cheeze plate or buffalo mac n cheeze bites. Homemade dessert specials, too. (2337 East Ceasar Chavez St.)


Totally Plant-based as well as paleo and gluten-free friendly, it’s a modern approach to ayurveda-inspired food. Try the popular kitchari bowl or signature sweet potato toast and wash it all down with a cup of golden mylk with turmeric and coconut milk. (2207 E Ceasar Chavez St.)

Casa De Luz

A set menu that changes daily includes soup, salad, and an entrée. It’s all macrobiotic, plant-based, gluten free, organic and unprocessed, including desserts. (1701 Toomey Rd.)

Doggie Style

House made vegan hot dogs with all the fixin's (including sauerkraut, coney sauce, and queso) from a food truck. 'Nough said. (603 W Live Oak St.)

Blue Cat Café

Order coffee or a vegan meal, take home a cat. 'Cause why not? Tacos and burgers make up most of the menu and if you take a liking to one of the cats roaming the restaurant you can adopt it. (1400 East Ceasar Chavez)

Cool Beans

This food truck offers a modern twist on latin cuisine: tacos, tamales, even tortas. All natural, organic, and mostly gluten free ingredients. (2908 Fruth St.)

The Great Y’all

A food truck with Asian-inspired bar food including jackfruit roll-ups, rangoon, boa, and fried cauliflower gobi-wings. And it’s BYOB! (1208 Chicon St.)

Unity Vegan Kitchen

Hearty and filling comfort food can be found at this food truck. Oh, and their signature dish on the weekends is chickun and waffles. Chickun and waffles! (1210 Barton Springs Rd.)

Sweet Ritual

No more do vegans have only two sorbet options when it comes to frozen dessert. The shop makes only vegan ice cream and toppings, so go nuts with scads of rotating flavors. (4631 Airport Blvd. #125)

Revolution Vegan Kitchen

Basically, it's vegan fair food from a food truck. Because vegans don't always have to be paragons of health. So indulge in some notzarella sticks or a BBQ chickun sandwich. (1905 S Capital of Texas Hwy)

Citizen Eatery

Go for the giant pink rabbit on the wall, stay for the modern vegan fare and chill atmosphere. (5011 Burnet Rd.)

Mother’s Café and Garden

We love this restaurant for it's multi-ethnic vegetarian and vegan cuisine, but mostly the chipotle cashew cream sauce. It's no joke. (4215 Duval St.)

Mr. Natural

This vegetarian and vegan restaurant and bakery makes some tasty tacos and sandwiches. And when all you want is a vegan chili dog after a night of drinking on 6th Street, they've got that, too. Plus gluten- and soy-free options. (1901 E Ceasar Chavez, 2414 S Lamar)


Yeah it's mostly delicious juice, smoothies and cleanses, but for a quick meal they have vegetarian and vegan grab and go options, too. (17 Austin locations)

Bouldin Creek Café

A local fave, the cafe serves vegetarian and vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner and locally roasted coffee seven days a week. And any place I can get breakfast all day is a winner in my book. (1900 S First St.)


For a "healthier" dessert option, two food trucks serving chocolate-covered frozen bananas with additional toppings like nuts, coconut, and oreos, to name a few. Not all the topping are vegan, but most are. And yes, there are plenty of Arrested Development references, because we know you were curious. (603 W Live Oak St., 701 E 53rd St.)

Fat Cats Organic Coffee and Desserts

Yes this cafe has coffee, but perhaps more importantly, they have vegan donuts. Donuts! And pastries. And ice cream. And Belgian waffles. No joke. And if you're lucky you'll even get some cat latte art atop your foamy beverage. (Update 4/19/17) 


Swad, Madras Pavillion, Curry in a Hurry, and Bombay Express all have killer vegetarian and vegan menu options if you're looking for something spicy and delicious. When I start jonesing for Indian, all of these restaurants are on my radar.

Alisha McDarris / Author & Editor

Alisha is a freelance writer and photographer based in Austin, TX. She loves her tiny house, vegan food and experiencing the community of travel in far away places. She’s also pretty sure she’s addicted to coffee. [Portfolio]


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